I’m interested in more than just following recipes. I like to change recipes to suit what I want, instead of having to search for new recipes every single time. That’s why I document the reasons behind what I do when cooking – so you can apply techniques from one recipe to another 🙂


Biscuits and Cookies
Roast Almond and Fruity Tea Macarons
Ferrero Rocher Macarons
Cumquat, Cardamom and Clove Mini Macarons with Dark Chocolate Ganache
Mini Apple Pie Macarons
Almond Mice Cookies
Turquoise Coconut and Dark Chocolate Macarons
Lemon Cojito Macarons
Italian Lemon Wreath Cookie
Ginger Shortbread with Tropical Ice-Cream

Cakes and Muffins and Puddings (oh, my!)
Bûche de Noël 
Arral Cake – Apricot, Hazelnut, Almond, Chocolate, Balsamic

Gradame Cake – Dark chocolate, hazelnut, brandy, coffee – or chocolate, lavender, hazelnut, brandy
Kaya Cake – Coconut, Pandan, Cumquat
Tiramisu Black Forest Cake 
Chocolate, Orange and Hazelnut Pound Cake
Ants’ Nest Cake
Crunchy Lemon Cake
Steamed Cumquat Pudding
Mint Chocolate Christmas Cake
Rustic Pear Tea Cake
Rustic Pumpkin Cupcakes
Doughnut Muffins 
Billionaire Brownies
Orange Poppy Seed Cake

Tarts and Pies
Appel Speculaastaart
Linzer Torte 
Gâteaux Basque

Tart Poire Chocolat – Pear and Chocolate Tart
Tarte au Citron avec Pâte Sucrée – Citrus Tart with Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
Pear and Raspberry Pie
Individual Passionfruit Tarts with Coffee Pastry 
Limburgse Kruimelvlaai

Tangy Cumquat Cheesecake 
‘Low-Fat’ Vanilla and Chocolate Cheesecake
South-East Asian Green Cheesecake 

Other Sweets
Profiterole Glory 
Hearty Oat Pancakes
Citrus Semolina Pudding 
Orange Hazelnut Truffles
Coffee Truffles
Peppermint Truffles

Deviled eggs and Bruschetta 
Savoury Galette (pastry recipe plus filling ideas)


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