Normally when I paint skin, I use lots of layers of different colours with different blend modes (e.g. blue around the chin, on Overlay). This time, I wanted to mimic not being able to do that; painting just with normal layers. I also wanted to take advantage of the tricks our eyes play on us, and instead of varying hue, I tried only to vary chroma (and, to a lesser degree, value). The face is painted only with reds and yellows of different chroma; the irises have some blue, and the snakes have green.


Took a long time to finish this. First was the sketch, which always needs fixing (anatomically, gesturally), then I had to do the black-and-white values, and then the colour and detailing. I used so many layers that my file corrupted, but luckily I always save a .png file just in case. Focused on details, lighting, and maintaining both sharp and soft edges.

127 Hartle

My Portrait Process – part 1

Wooh! A hundred followers! It’s a small number compared to the stats of more famous people, but for me it’s massive. It’s weird to think that so many people are looking at what I’m doing… Nice, but weird.

Anyway, in thanks to y’all, I’ll give you a little insight into how I make my portraits (you already know how I make food… 😛 )

I don’t have a tablet, so I have to draw everything traditionally before scanning and doing touch-ups on Photoshop. I use a pacer (a.k.a. mechanical/ propelling pencil) with 0.5mm lead that’s either HB or softer, depending on what I can find lying around. (I started drawing in primary school when pacers became a Thing, and my first obsession was with anime/manga, so a pacer was good for neat lines. I never really got ’round to working with anything else, and I can’t be bothered carrying several pencils or having to sharpen lead constantly.)

I draw on whatever paper I can find, whatever size/ texture; then I make everything nice and big in Photoshop. If my drawn image is small, I have to make more changes in Photoshop to make the image sharp.

Regarding shadows, Stan Prokopenko does a pretty good demonstration on the basic theories behind shading.

Anyway, here goes:



The bitten lip was quite difficult to do; I hope I pulled it off and it doesn’t look like she’s just got a mangled lip 😛

Also, is anyone interested in a tutorial on my art process?




Please, tell me what you think of this guy. Be judgemental; what thoughts does he bring to mind?

I’m practising trying to bring emotion to my pictures…

Don’t worry about offending anyone; he’s not copied from a real person, and I genuinely want to know what he makes you feel 🙂