Making a Meal Magical

Hi guys~ Just a short post today…

One of the key things about making a great meal is the spectacle. Let’s face it: hardly anyone knows what real good food tastes like. As long as it’s above a certain level (let’s say, a soggy, fast food burger) your friends will accept anything you feed them.

You just have to make it look good.

So here’s a little example of what we can do with this knowledge.

Put some butter in a pan – just plain, unsalted butter is fine. Don’t bother weighing it; this is art, not science. Light the stove, let the butter melt.

What we want is something they can’t photograph – the hype will make sure you sound good to the friends who aren’t there, even though your meal may look ugly. If you have some sort of teapot warmer, that’s great. Do this at the table.

To impress them even more, carry on melting your butter until you get to the browning stage.

In the meanwhile, so you look busy, grab some of the old, shrivelled herbs from the back of the cupboard, and heat up your serving vessel in the microwave. You don’t want it to shatter from the hot butter! Make sure you decorate with a dangerous-looking kitchen utensil. You want your friends to know that you’ve had to do some hard work cooking for them. And that if they don’t like the food, you won’t like them. Very violently.

Now your brown butter is done, pour extravagantly but carefully over the herbs in the vessel – they should fizzle. This is the time for photos: make sure your friends know it.

Finish off with a sprinkle of salt (the big crystals are prettier). Tell your friends to drink it all in one gulp. You don’t want them lingering over the taste for too long, and if they burn their throats, then they won’t have voices to complain to you.

For dessert, make some sugar water with peppermint essence. Freeze it until only the surface is frozen. Serve sprinkled with sugar crystals and micro herbs.

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS 😀 😀 😀


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