My Portrait Process – part 1

Wooh! A hundred followers! It’s a small number compared to the stats of more famous people, but for me it’s massive. It’s weird to think that so many people are looking at what I’m doing… Nice, but weird.

Anyway, in thanks to y’all, I’ll give you a little insight into how I make my portraits (you already know how I make food… 😛 )

I don’t have a tablet, so I have to draw everything traditionally before scanning and doing touch-ups on Photoshop. I use a pacer (a.k.a. mechanical/ propelling pencil) with 0.5mm lead that’s either HB or softer, depending on what I can find lying around. (I started drawing in primary school when pacers became a Thing, and my first obsession was with anime/manga, so a pacer was good for neat lines. I never really got ’round to working with anything else, and I can’t be bothered carrying several pencils or having to sharpen lead constantly.)

I draw on whatever paper I can find, whatever size/ texture; then I make everything nice and big in Photoshop. If my drawn image is small, I have to make more changes in Photoshop to make the image sharp.

Regarding shadows, Stan Prokopenko does a pretty good demonstration on the basic theories behind shading.

Anyway, here goes:



So what do you think?

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