Bitter Black Forest Cake

I’ve been a little remiss… Scratch that, I’ve been very remiss. This year has been a deceptively unstable year, in which I’ve been pushing the boundaries in the socialising game.

I made this cake for my grandmother, who is a fan of both black forest cakes and tiramisu. It may sound a bit chaotic, but the coffee really goes well with the cherries and the chocolate.

The cake consists of layers of chocolate cake soaked in cherry-jelly (I don’t have kirsch, and I didn’t want a syrup because I thought the cake would leak…), with vanilla Italian buttercream studded with Morello cherries in the middle, topped with coffee-caramel French buttercream.


Y’all know how much I love burning sugar... In this case, I took it to the brink of bitterness because the cherries were very sweet. The burnt sugar taste really accented the coffee.

I’ve also said this before, but when making buttercream, if it looks curdled, JUST KEEP MIXING. I’ve actually got some photos this time:

For slicing the cake layers, I’ve got a cool implement from Ikea (no, they are not sponsoring me… though I wish!). It came in a cake decorating set and while the pastry bag is pretty useless (it leaks horrendously), the piping tips and slicer-thing were worth it.

Now, I’m gonna try a new thing. There’s little point in me typing up the complete recipe, when I’ve taken bits of it from other places. When I do new, original recipes, I’ll post them with ingredients and method, but otherwise, I’ll just post the links.

  1. Chocolate Cake (the buttermilk can be substituted by 25mL vinegar and 350mL normal milk, left at room temperature for 10 minutes, and stirred until homogeneous)
  2. Vanilla Italian buttercream (I multiplied the recipe by 3/5 so I had enough yolks for the French buttercream)
  3. French buttercream, with coffee-caramel flavour (I halved the buttercream recipe, and added the flavoured syrup according to taste)
  4. The cherries: I used Morella cherries from a jar; I dried the cherries with paper towels so they wouldn’t leak and stain the buttercream, and I reserved the syrup to make jelly, in which I soaked the cake (use the instructions on the gelatine packet to make the jelly, using the cherry syrup instead of water).
  5. And finally, I did some decorations with melted chocolate.




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