Savoury Galette

Something savoury! …Well, galettes can be sweet, too. But this time, savoury was required of me.

it looks like death... O.O

Galettes are great because they’re free-form – impressive because your pastry is homemade, yet very, very easy.

Now, on this blog, I post multiple cake recipes, multiple cookie recipes, multiple.. well, you get the picture. The reason I do this is because these sorts of foods can be kinda finicky, and come in so many different forms, that I think you might find it helpful if I posted a recipe for each one. You can make the small changes yourselves, like swapping spices or using brown, rather than normal, butter.

Galette pastry can be changed a bit, but I believe that it’s one of those recipes were you have many variations of your base recipe, with very little changes. So this is the only time I will give you a savoury galette recipe. (I might provide a sweet one later, because sugar can change how a pastry cooks…)

About the filling: I make a simple, dry-ish filling with mushrooms, caramelised onion, thyme and balsamic vinegar. You can do whatever you like – tomato, basil and feta; spinach and ricotta; lamb, red wine and rosemary; whatever. Also, I sprinkled my galette with mozzarella. You can skip this and merely brush your pastry with milk and then sprinkle with pepper, salt and paprika. Or cumin and tumeric. The sky’s the limit! 😀

I’ve put all the ingredient measurements in masses so you can measure them all in the bowl of the food processor and have less washing up – something very important when it comes to dinner parties!

Savoury Galette

  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

312g flour
3g salt
113g butter, cold and cubed
62g ice-cold water
2 cups of filling, room temperature or cooler
milk/egg (for an eggwash)
spices/seasoning (to sprinkle over)

Process flour, salt and butter in a food-processor for 4 seconds.
Add the water and process until only just coming together (less is more).
Roll the pastry into a 30cm circle.
Spoon the filling over, leaving a 5cm margin.
Fold the edges over (I folded too much).
Brush with egg or milk, and sprinkle seasoning and/or spices.
Bake 30 – 40 minutes at 190°C.
Cool for 20 minutes before serving (or the filling will be boiling).


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