Ginger Shortbread with Tropical Ice-Cream

Here I am again, still using up the cumquats, passionfruit, mango, etc. Sigh.

The best way to quickly use up passionfruit and mango, I’ve found, is to eat them pure. That is, no flour and no sugar to bulk it up. However, eating the fruit day after day can be a little, well, boring. So instead, I chop it up and freeze it along with frozen and peeled bananas. Then, I throw everything together in a food processor with a little cumquat juice. This makes what I call miraculous ice-cream; no freezing then stirring then freezing then stirring like I have to do otherwise (since I don’t have an ice-cream machine).


But for a dessert, just ice-cream can be boring. So, on the request of my sister, I made some ginger shortbread to go with it.

The thing about shortbread is that is has a lot of butter. This makes it really crumbly. As well as this, the flour is a mixture of normal flour, and cornflour (some people use rice flour) which doesn’t have much gluten in it. Gluten, as you know, makes things chewy. So by diluting the flour with gluten-free flour, the shortbread becomes even more crumbly.

Something to note is that when measuring brown sugar, pack it firmly into the cup to expel any air bubbles.



The recipe I used called for rice flour, which I don’t have. Instead, I replaced it with a mixture of plain and corn flour. Remember not to over-mix, or you’ll develop gluten and it won’t be like shortbread any more.



Shortbread doesn’t rise much, so you don’t have to line the tin much above the height of the shortbread.



Before your shortbread cools completely, cut it.



Then let it cool completely before removing it. This is because butter is malleable when warm, so your shortbread will be brittle and soft until it cools. Trying to remove squares of shortbread warm from the tin is a killer!




Ginger Shortbread

  • Servings: 16
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

Recipe from Not Quite Nigella

200g butter, cubed
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups plain flour
5 tsp cornflour
1 Tbs ginger
1 tsp mixed spice
pinch salt

Cream the butter and sugar.
Mix in the spices and salt.
Add the flour and mix until just combined
Cook at 180°C for 5 minutes, and then 160°C for 35 minutes.
Remove from the oven and cut unto squares.
Cool completely before taking out of tin.
Serve with ice-cream.



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